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Passion, it's how we do what we do. To make something beautiful, to change the game. Its that drive that fuels us. The artist. The warrior. The visionary. It doesn't matter how you are or what you look like, everybody can tap in to it. We all speak that language. We know what it is to look up at an impossible challenge and push forward anyway. You go again, you fail faster, you fail better. You get stronger, you get smarter. And then one day, it finally happens something breaks. You push past what you thought your limits were. That ceiling above you it isn't real, it never was. And you realize its not that box you came in that made you, its the moment you break free of it
so for anyone that has a interest in it im working on my lets play channel and its doing ok for a start but more subscribers will help it grow im lets playing beyontta (as of now) i may do some requested games but its mainly games i find interesting and will want others to try to enjoy with e for now my lets plays are live since it saves time in the editing process but i much rather do post since i cant speak and play at the same. with that said i hope anyone that holds an interest subscribes to me, thank you for reading you have a great day and take care…
Chapter 2: Breaking Will

The room is day as its many night later from which Meta spoke to his sister, the tortured soul is restless in his sleep waking up violently from the nightmare spawned from his guilt, grief, frustration, and despair. Breathing heavily gasping for air siting over the side of his bed as the sweat drips down from his face Meta clutches his fist holding it to his heart, in a vain attempt to keep it from shaking, repeating a certain phrase to him self. "That the world may peace that the world may peace that the world may peace that the world may peace that the world may peace..!!!" Tears form in his eyes a he continue to repeat this to him self slipping to his knees from his bed to the cold wood floor the tormented mans twisted soul and nearly broken mind is on the verge of madness close to giving him self to such promises of relief of his pain. His inner and outer struggle to have almost no one to console him to have no man nor woman he cares deeply for standing beside him to be alone once again its maddening to have such humanity is a hell of its own being a small form of emotional torture, to kknow the wrong one has done to know what to do to change and fix it but forced to wait and wait and wait with nothing but a false sense of hope of being wrong of his fears being nothing but a fabrication of his imagination. Yet the overwhelming sense of dread that he is alone is far to great that strong overpowering sense of helplessness of weakness feeling it for the first time in a long time it disgusted Meta. He slowly tries to rise to his feet only to fail having no strength as it was sucked away from him. Gritting his teeth and closing his eyes as the tears break from his will as a person was shattering his desperation slowly taking hold and one can only wonder if his world may one day know peace.
Ch.2 Breaking Will
These is the second chapter as Meta goes through the immense pain of his thoughts while struggling not to do something he will deeply regret
The night is clear a full moon in the cloudless sky it is silent not a sound being made. The eerie silence is then broken by a rapid knock on an apartment door. A woman well in her late twenties with long green hair, milk chocolate complexion and a curvy figure dressed in a black hoodie over a red shirt and tight jeans . "Meta!" She calls. "its me Twist open the door". Not getting a answer she uses her key to unlock the door and enters finding the lights turned off and the heat near freezing."Jeez! Meta! God...turn on the lights and heat in here." She muttered to her self and she flips the light switch and finds the thermostat turning the heat back up. Twist searched the cold apartment to find whom she was looking for, her younger brother. The young man with the same complexion as his sister wore a pair of gray sweatpants a slightly off white tank top and a expression of deep loneliness and self loathing. "you can't keep loving like this meta u have to do more that work and come home and sulk and sleep." With out looking at his sibling, "that would be considered living sister and I lost my life when I lost her...." Meta replied his voice empty as the expression on his face. Feeling a little annoyed by his negative out look twist sits next to her sulking brother. "Meta stop this u have to stop beating your self up about it, it's almost been two years sadly she's moving on..." She begins. " I told her I wasn't going to stop loving her until she utterly shattered my heart completely and she has yet to do it, I know I'm the reason we broke up but....I can't give up so many years would be lost and all for nothing of I did so I can't...I won't....I must keep trying to win her back" Meta retorts the shaky determination in his voice is the first signs of life in him. " You can't keep chasing her she...she's found someone else meta..." Twist admits. "Wh-what?!" To his shock and horror Meta now has a look of utter despair but it quickly turns to anger and fury."I'm going to kill that dare he come even close to rose!!" He's growls tightening his fists and clenching his teeth, his heart ache and swelling pool of rapid emotion brought life to his once corpse like expression. "No u can't killing him will only drive her away even more and do nothing but cause more trouble for ur self Meta!" She say trying to talk some sense to her grieving brother. "But I .....I love her still....I love her so much....I can't let her go I just can't...I know I caused it with my dishonesty but...i need her..."with his rage fading Meta untighten his fists he finally begins breaking down and opening up finally. " just....she means everything and more I can't just let all those years be swept under the rug as if it never happened I can't....I won't I need to keep trying until I reach her because even though I may have u all behind me.....its...its not enough I feel so strongly for her I can't help not loving her she's my everything I just want a last chance to prove to her I've changed and make it right....." He continued sobbing in to is sister's shoulder. "I know meta....I know...." Twist replies holding him with comforting arms. The two stay there for well over an hour, Twist being the one to comfort her him to help keep him from making any rash decision on impulse or a mood swing. Though once Twist does leave Meta continues to sit staring at the floor for a few more minutes before slowly getting up to change clothes his eyes blood shot he dresses in black and gray running shoes black/gray jeans as his belt is yellow with a M on the buckle as yellow straps had down on each side, a red T-shirt having a blue stripped hoddie on top. Covering his face with his hood he makes his what to his closet opening it exposing all the blades and other weaponry stashed away. He is silent not a thought nor sound made he reaches and picks up two gauntlets and attaches them to his hands these gauntlets having retractable blades under the wrist while the palm dimly glowed as his some sort of energy source was stored there. The silence is then broken by a voice. "Your sister did say don't kill him Meta." The disembodied voice reminded. "I know Tom...I'm just getting ready for work...." Meta replied. "Good because it word be a shame that u lost her for even doing something drastic." Tom appears, a hologram of a person in a helmet and rather futuristic space suit. "As your personal AI I must do as your sister instructed to help u make rational decisions." "Yea yea..." Meta mutters putting what looks like grenades in a bag, and grabbing his phone as well. "How are my programs for hacking the city's security system, I don't need anyone in my way." Meta asks. "Operational" Tom answer. "Good, I'll be going now keep me posted." Meta tell his Digital companion as he leave out the door whiting the light out. "It is quiet ....I love the bad it will be broken with peoples screams and gaps as they die tonight" Meta says to him self has he heads out to the citiy's downtown area full of lights and people to "work" on this clear night.
 a series i may more may not continue dependinf on how i feel on the response on it


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